Minimizing Drama in Your Relationships

Drama is not something we hope will be a major part of our relationships. Who, other than a Drama Queen or King would want that? Surprisingly enough, too many people find themselves dealing with more relationship drama than they want to. They want a more peaceful, healthy relationship but don’t know how to minimize the drama in order to get that.

So what are some ways of minimizing drama in your relationship? Let’s start with a real obvious one: Don’t get involved with Drama Queens or Drama Kings. Drama comes with the territory with people like that. Whether it is a partner, friend, or family member, these people are draining to deal with. If you want to know how to deal with a Drama Queen or King, read the article here .

If a relationship is new, and you see signs of dramatic behavior early on, it might be wise to bow out while it’s still early. You can also minimize melodrama in your relationship by not sweating the small stuff. Deal with it and move on rather than bitch about it. Don’t contact your significant other every single time every little (and big) thing goes wrong in your life. Be an adult and handle it like an adult.

Minimizing Drama in Your Relationships

Minimizing Drama in Your Relationships

If those around you contact you to discuss (bitch, whine, moan, and complain) when anything goes wrong for them, stop being available to them for that. Let them take that to someone else or deal with it themselves. Another good practice you can try is to not be everyone’s hero, savior, or Florence Nightingale. You cannot rush to help them with everything all the time. They are grownups, and they can and should take care of it themselves. They also should have other people who can step up as needed, it doesn’t always have to be you. Don’t let your helping or advising someone lead to you neglecting your own life.

Maintaining proper boundaries helps keep the drama out. If you don’t enforce the boundaries, it will infest your relationship and create dysfunction. At first the people in your life will try to cross your boundaries and test you, but hold fast, even if they react negatively to you doing so. They will learn if they want to stay in your life, they have to treat you and behave in a certain way. This bring more respect into your relationship, and keep the disrespect (and lots of drama) out. Enforcing boundaries is not about talking, it is about doing and showing. So keep the endless talks about the same shit over and over again to a minimum. Your actions can say it all.

One of the best ways to avoid drama is to not choose relationships that guarantee it will be a part of it. Stay clear of people who are not emotionally available. Avoid people who are not single. Wait before you begin a relationship with someone who recently ended their relationship. Get rid of people who won’t respect boundaries or that wont enforce boundaries with the people in their lives. Life is filled with unexpected things that throw our lives into a tizzy, so no one needs the people in their lives adding drama when it is not warranted or needed.

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