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Moving on – Tips, Help, and Advice Part 2

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In a previous posting we gave you some great ideas, tips and guidance for moving on by taking control of your life and doing things for YOU. Here are some other pointers we can share with you to help you move on, let go and get closure from an ended relationship.

It is ok to allow your self some time to let things go, but then comes the time to start adding structure back into your life. The things you let go, like your diet or exercising habits, need to be brought back into your daily routine. You can bring them back into your routine one at a time or more quickly, but the point is to get back to being you again and start living life as normally as you can.

Moving on - Tips, Help, and Advice Part 2

Moving on – Tips, Help, and Advice Part 2

Keep your thoughts focused on the present and try not to think of or dwell on the past. When trying to move on you may feel like you cannot even picture your life going on, but you must. You don’t have to create a fairytale that even you won’t believe, just start somewhere. If you always planned on writing a book start thinking about writing that book. That book is still in your future and a goal you can still have for you life. This prevents you from focusing on what you will not have and what you have lost and on what you still have to gain.

Find a mantra to say to yourself every day. Even if you don’t believe it right now, say it every day. The time will come when you do believe it. Something like “I will move on from this and embrace all the good things life has to offer me”.

Try to stay away from self destructive habits. I was watching this seasons show “The Biggest Loser” and some of the contestants (both past and present) turned to food after a relationship ended. Stay away from drugs, alcohol and overeating. These things do not help you to move on, they are just a quick-fix feeling of comfort that can lead to addictions and other problems. You may be depressed because your relationship ended but you will probably be more depressed after eating bon-bons day after day and gaining 50 pounds. Don’t make it harder on yourself to move on by making yourself feel worse.

Stay away from his facebook, twitter, and social media accounts. Ask your friends and family to please not tell you what he is up do, doing, ANYTHING. You don’t need to hear how he is moving on, you have to focus on how YOU are moving on. Also, don’t use social media to purge yourself or plant cryptic messages to get attention. If you need a friend, call  or text one. Don’t put your stuff out in public, because you can’t take it back and it is a way of staying stuck rather than moving on.

Finally if you find yourself unable to move on and feel you need help reach out to a professional. That is what they are there for. Moving on is a very difficult thing to do, and these tips, help and advice can possibly make it a little easier for you.


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  1. Utta

    March 29, 2015 at 3:30 pm

    It has been so hard moving on after my ex left. I keep trying and know I will get there some day but I keep having setbacks.

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