Reasons Not to Reconnect With an Ex

There may be good reasons to reconnect with an ex, but there are many reasons why you should not reconnect with ex. You have had a relationship with him already, is it a wise choice to try again? No one wants to make another mistake. No one wants to waste precious time. So when faced with the decision to reconnect with your ex, should you or shouldn’t you? We have complied a list of reasons why you should not reconnect with an ex to help those of you to help you make the best choice for you.

Reasons Not to Reconnect With an Ex

1. A good reason why you should not reconnect with an ex is because chances are you will just break up again. Look at the reasons why you broke up in the first place. Was it because he didn’t show you enough affection? Was it because your ex never had time for you? Was it because you and your ex argue all the time? Did your ex break up with you for something stupid? When looking at the reason you split up in the first place, ask yourself how that won’t happen again. How will your ex suddenly be more affectionate? How will your ex have more time for you now when they didn’t in the past? It is easier to talk about changing than it is to actually change. What have they done, rather than said, to make you believe things have changed? If they have only said the right things, but have not done the right things, then you have no good reasons to reconnect with an ex.

Reasons Not to Reconnect With an Ex

Reasons Not to Reconnect With an Ex

2. If your ex was abusive to you in any way, then you really have no good reason to get back together. Abusive behavior will not be cured or changed by love alone. Not theirs for you, or yours for them. They need professional help. If they haven’t gotten it, then don’t think for one second things will be better. Don’t think you two will be the exception to the rule. The risk is far too dangerous and costly. If they really want to make things work, and make themselves a better person, they will do something about it. Even with the aid of a professional, there are more reasons not to get back together with an abusive ex than there are to reconcile.

3. Jealousy is not a good reason to reconnect with an ex. Just because your ex has started seeing someone else doesn’t mean you should try to win them back. You may be jealous that they have moved on to someone else, especially if you have not. That is not a good enough reason to reconnect. You both deserve the chance at a better relationship with someone else than reconnecting for a dysfunctional one again and again.

4. You would be surprised that one of the top reasons people reconnect with an ex is because they don’t want to feel like they wasted their time. This one is a real head-scratcher. So many people feel if they don’t reconnect with their ex, than all the time they were together will be considered a waste. So, they proceed to waste more of their time on a relationship that will never work. This is the biggest waste of time ever. It is very surprising how many people use that reason because it defies common sense.

5. Another reason you should not reconnect with an ex is if no forgiveness is present. If you are not going to start with a clean slate, why bother? Without letting go of past hurt, you bring old grudges into your reconciliation. You don’t need to be psychic to predict the outcome of those on your future relationship. Unless you both can let go of each others mistakes in your past, you have no business trying to create a future together. The negativity from your past with not make for a positive future together.

Sometimes there are good reasons to reconnect with ex. If you have both had time to evaluate the relationship, learn from it, change and grow then you may have good reasons to reconnect. If you are just going to repeat, not learn from, the mistakes in your past, then you have no good reasons to reconnect with an ex.

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