Recognizing a Bad Relationship Early is Important

Recognizing a bad relationship early is not always easy. In the beginning of a relationship, especially the first several months, it is easy to hide your bad side from your partner. Someone’s true colors, their bad side, often take some time to surface. By then you may already have developed feelings for them. It is those feelings that make one prone to dismissing or excusing bad patterns of behavior. We want to think “That’s not really them” when it fact that is really them. You are finally getting to see it, even though you don’t want to.


Recognizing a bad relationship early can save you from years of heartache and drama. It is better to let go of a bad relationship early, even if it hurts to do so. You may not want to give up right away, but in many cases that would be the right thing to do in the long run. The person that caught your interest and said and did all the right things is the one that you fell for. That was the whole point in them behaving like that. They hid those words and behaviors from you because they know how unattractive they are. Why is it that so many people can easily look back and think of what might have been, but have such a hard time looking forward and see how bad it will get?


A key to recognizing a bad relationship early is to look for the signs and pay attention. These signs are your clues that help see what the future really looks like for your relationship. Here are some things to look for to help you recognize a bad relationship early.

Recognizing a Bad Relationship Early

    Recognizing a Bad Relationship Early

Ways of Recognizing a Bad Relationship

    • Secrecy. If the person you are dating or in a relationship is very vague about where they are, what they are doing, hiding their phone, recognize this is a sign your relationship is going to have trust issues. A relationship cannot survive without trust.


    • If you recognize melodramatic behavior, understand that if it is not nipped in the bud your relationship is going to go bad without a doubt. Drama is one of the main ingredients in many dysfunctional relationships.


    • When someone is coming on strong it may seem complimentary. When someone is playing hard to get, it may make them more exciting to you. Either one of these is suspicious, and you should already be recognizing a bad relationship.


    • Inconsistent behavior makes for bad relationships. If they are not consistent with their feelings, words or behaviors, you will always feel unsure about your status on some level. Inconsistency makes for bad relationships. Don’t make excuses for them, and don’t always excuse them. Recognize their inconsistency and call them on it early, not later. If they don’t get it together, send them packing.


    • Don’t gloss over their relationship history or status. Recognize the dangers and don’t kid yourself. If they just got out of a relationship, you may wind up dumped because you were just a rebound. If they have a history of on/off relationships, don’t kid yourself thinking that yours will be any different. If they are not divorced or have a girlfriend then they are not single. They are a cheater and so are you. What are the chances this is going to work out? Slim to none. So why are you taking a chance on this? If you really believe they will end their relationship someday, then wait until then to get in a relationship with them.Recognizing they are a cheater, which means they are secretive and a liar should make you wonder why they would tell you the truth. Why would you think they are not keeping secrets from you. they are lying and keeping secrets from someone they have known longer that you. Are you really so gullible to believe they are being truthful and open with you? Seriously?


    • If your relationship is based mainly on your financial support it is time you recognized you are in a bad relationship. You cannot buy love, so don’t waste your money.



These are some helpful signs for recognizing bad relationships early. Please don’t ignore the warning signs. Save yourself a lot of time and energy by being truthful with yourself, and having the courage to turn your relationship around early, or leave before you get too badly burned.

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