Relationships Require Communication, Not Texting

Relationships Require Communication, Not Texting

Relationships Require Communication, Not Texting

Relationships require real communication, and just texting is not enough. If you are in the library, the movie theater, or in the presence of the police while being questioned, then text away. When you cannot or should not talk, text. Does everyone realize that most of the time they can talk? Then why is texting becoming a main part of a couple’s interaction? Texting is not real communication. It can be a quick message to remind someone of something UNTIL you can have a proper conversation, or to say that you are thinking of them. But it is not enough to sustain a relationship.

Texting should only happen if you can’t make a phone call or you know the person cannot take your phone call. But again, that is not very often. Aren’t you worth a phone call rather than a lousy text? Don’t you think you should hear each others voice, tone of voice, and develop a rapport? Texting should not take the place of calling, it should be used sparingly. You want to just say hi or tell someone to have a good day? CALL THEM if you can. Don’t text them unless you need to.

Make phone calls a priority to you. Too many things can be misunderstood with the written word, and texting has no real etiquette norms yet. You end a call with “Goodbye”, but people end a text session by simply not answering. What kind of conversation is that? A shitty one. And, quite frankly, RUDE AS HELL.

I start off by telling people I do not text. If they text me, I don’t answer. It saves me from reading stupid things that are not important enough for a phone call, and get a phone call when someone has something important to say. Just because we CAN text does not mean we should.

Relationships would get closer, and have a better chance of getting somewhere if the couple speaks to one another rather than text each other. Texting is the same as email via phone, or instant messenger via phone. It does not take the place of actual human contact and conversation.

If the person you are involved with won’t call you, but only texts you, don’t kid yourself. If they don’t take you seriously enough for a phone call, they don’t take your relationship seriously either. They will probably break up with you via text as well. If a couple lives together and communicate via text until they get home and talk to one another, that is one thing. If you are dating or in a relationship where 90% of your communication while apart is texting only, you need to cut the texting thing way down.
If the only time the man in your life does make contact is via text because he wants to come by, then that is a booty call via text. WTF are you doing that for anyway? We have so many ways of communicating when it comes to relationships. Stick with the phone or in person. Put an end to texting, or keep it to a minimum.


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