Keeping Your Self-Respect Intact in Your Relationship

Keeping your self-respect intact in your relationship can be quite a challenge at times. At times, to keep your relationship going, you do things which are beneath you. Every time you do something that goes against what you know is right, it picks away at your self-respect. Your partner knows this too, and their respect for you deteriorates over time. When they stop respecting you, your self-respect consequently takes a deeper nose dive.

You may think you are doing your relationship a favor, but in truth you are doing it, and yourself, a disservice. A relationship can only be healthy and happy if you are both doing what is right for the relationship. If the one you love is doing the wrong thing, which causes you to decide to do the wrong thing too, the relationship becomes dysfunctional.

self-respect in relationships

Keeping Your Self-Respect Intact in Your Relationship

We all understand the difference between right and wrong. Yet when we love someone, we often get confused as to what the right thing to do is. When someone does you wrong, don’t make excuses for them. Let them show you they are sorry instead. If they keep repeating this wrong behaviors, refuse to accept their apologies anymore.

Changing your behavior will force them to either step up to the plate and do the right thing, or force them to end the relationship. That may sound scary to people, but the alternative is actually worse and doesn’t give your relationship a fighting chance. If you let someone do the wrong things to you over and over again, with little or no consequences, there is no way they will change that behavior.

Now your relationship is doomed to end, because if you have zero self-respect and they don’t respect you either, love goes out the window. At least if you stand up for what is right, you have a chance.
If you have self-respect, it helps you to weed out the bad relationships right from the get go. You don’t have to give everyone you are attracted to a chance. If they are disrespectful towards you right away, again, stop making excuses that sound nice to you. You realize quickly that this guy is more than likely going to treat you much worse down the road. Let him go on his way,and be glad you dodged a bullet.

This is what a woman with dignity does, she lets go of those that are not worthy of her. She is true to her self-respect and aware of he self-esteem. Never let another person determine your value, that is your job. As long as you know your worth and what you deserve, you can create healthy relationship boundaries and challenge those who attempt to cross them. You are key in determining how those around you treat you.

If you allow people into your life who disrespect you, you cannot expect to have happy relationships. It’s that simple. The right relationship is out there for you. Stop trying to make the wrong ones work by doing the wrong things. The only real way to find out if a relationship is right for you is if it works when you do the right things. If you have to lower yourself and lose your self-respect and dignity, you are not in the right relationship. The right person will respect your boundaries, and change what they need to in order to be with you. The wrong person will change you into a person you don’t recognize and are not very proud of.


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  5 comments for “Keeping Your Self-Respect Intact in Your Relationship

  1. Hey, thanks for the article
    I just realized that I’m disrespectful to my loved one,
    I’m sure I don’t know how to make myself respectful but I believe you can help me, I love him so much, I need your help please

  2. Thank you for this timely article. I’ve been questioning myself a lot lately for turning down a lot of guys I meet after just a few dates — while your article doesn’t give specific examples of ways in which we might feel disrespected or perhaps doing things we ought not to, I am thinking about things such as when a guy makes plans (maybe for a second date) and then simply doesn’t call until a few days AFTER what should have been the second date — with no apology, no explanation, nothing. And then they make excuses and get angry when I have said it was unacceptable to not even call to cancel.

    This is just one of many examples where if men are doing things like this in the beginning to a woman, I can only imagine what their behavior would be like further down the road. Thanks but no thanks!

    • Thank you for your comment. I chose not to give examples only because I think our souls know when we feel disrespected. People may choose not to stand up for themselves when they feel that way, or make excuses for the other person, but they cannot deny the feeling. I hope everyone recognizes that feeling and refuses to tolerate when someone disrespects them, no matter how strongly they feel towards that person. No one should ever be afraid to defend themselves against disrespect or bad behavior. You gave me a great idea for another article, so thank you for that!!

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