Settling Down vs. Settling – What is the Difference?

Many people use the terms “settling down” and “settling” as if they are inter-changeable, when in actuality, they are completely different things. What is the difference between the two? Well, when you settle down it is usually because you have found something that made you happy. You stop searching for it, because you found it. Your behavior and lifestyle changes but you are happy to do it because of the payoff.

Settling, however, is the complete opposite. Settling is usually done when someone no longer believes they can achieve a goal or find what they have been looking for. They then settle for less. It is never more, or just enough, settling is always for less. When people settle down, they are often content and made their choices to do so because whatever sacrifices made it all seems worth it to them. When people settle, it is usually when they have given up and feel like something is better than nothing.

difference between settling down and settling

Settling Down vs Settling

People who settle down have a much better chance at being happy down the road, whereas people who have settled don’t. People who have settled are never satisfied because they did not get what they initially wanted.

In relationships, when you have found the right person, settling down is something you are more than willing to do and is a natural progression. If you have tried to find a relationship that you feel is right for you but keep finding the wrong ones you may give up hope. You then decide to settle for the relationship that is better than what you have had in the past, but not as good as the one you imagined for your future.

Look at your relationship. If you feel discontent and dissatisfied, is it because you simply settled, rather than keep trying to find the right person to settle down with? It is one thing to settle on a home, a job, or car. It is another thing to settle on a relationship. Don’t settle for less than you know you need to truly make you happy, or you never really will be happy.


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