Signs He is Losing Interest in You and Your Relationship

What are the signs he is losing interest in you and your relationship? Are you reading into things too much? Sometimes problems with other areas in our life affect our relationships. We may not want them to, and it may not be the right thing to do, but we can’t help it.

Stressful careers like those involving long hours at work or a lot of travel can take their toll on relationships. You may be thrilled to see the one you love after their long business trip but they don’t seem as excited to see you. Could it be a sign he is losing interest in you? It could very well be that they are just tired from their flight, or have jet lag. While they are excited to see you and happy they are home they may not be making it well-known to you.

It can be very confusing to tell if someone is losing interest in you, preoccupied with something else or even under stress. Here are some signs that indicate he is losing interest in you and your relationship:

1. If he is losing interest in you the first red flag is he will lose interest in having sex with you. If his sex drive seems to have taken a major nose dive this could be an indicator he is losing interest in you. If it is during the time of a family crisis or major career issue, that is one thing. If it has gone on for a considerable amount of time, this is clearly a sign of a bigger problem and you should try to discuss it with them.

Signs He is Losing Interest in You and Your Relationship

Signs He is Losing Interest in You 

2. If his eyes have started to wander lately and you see him checking out other women, you want to make note of that. If he is normally a flirt and it is just his way and always has been, that is one thing. But if this is new behavior it could be a sign he’s losing interest.

3. Another sign he may be losing interest in you is when he stops doing the nice little things he used to do. Most people don’t change their habits without conscious thought, so if he is no longer using his pet names for you, holding your hand, making your coffee for you before you wake up (or whatever he specifically did) there is a reason why.

4. A lack of communication is often one of the signs he is losing interest in you. Now keep in mind most people start off with marathon phone conversations and those levels cannot always be maintained regularly. But when days, or weeks can go by without a simple text, or when you do communicate they seem to have little or nothing to add to the conversation, take that as a sign they maybe losing interest in you.

5. When they no longer have time for you, or keep backing out of plans and cancelling on you it’s no wonder you would think they are losing interest. We prioritize everything in our lives, and if you are consistently a low priority for them it is either because you allowed it too many times or because they are losing interest. Once in a while we have to take a backseat to work, family, or friends, but not all the time. Otherwise, something is clearly wrong.

While it is not good to jump to conclusions right away, if you are seeing enough of signs like these in your relationship it would be a good idea to try to talk to your partner about them openly.

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  1. “Most people don’t change their habits without conscious thought”
    it’s the truth thank you.

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