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Signs He is Not That Interested in You

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Mixed messages are very confusing when you first meet someone, or even when you have been dating them for a while. They may say some nice words, and seem to enjoy spending time with you, but then they do or say things that make you go “Hmmm. Is he really interested in me?” You want to think so. You hope so. The problem is, you are not sure what to think. Should you focus on the good messages and ignore the bad? Should you focus on the negative messages and ignore the good?

We decided to list some ways to tell he is really not that interested in you.

1. He does not call when he says he is going to. Now it happens sometimes that you can’t call someone because something came up, but it should not be a habit. If you are really interested in someone, it won’t become a habit.

2. They don’t have much time to spend with you anymore, and it doesn’t seem to bother them that they don’t. If someone is really interested in you, they will try and see you as much as they can, even for an hour or two. Someone who is really interested in you will be bummed out big time if they can’t see you, and will let you know that. If he was really interested in you, he would be afraid you would dump him for not having the time to see you, and would be apologizing left and right. He would let you know he doesn’t want to lose you. If he acts like he has justification and a good excuse so “oh well” then he really is not that interested in you.

he is not interested

Signs He is Not That Interested in You

3. When you do talk to him, is he in a hurry to get off the phone? Does he have little to say to you and seems like he is calling more out of obligation or because he wants to talk to you and missed hearing your voice? is he asking you about what is going on with you, or do you have to tell him? A man who is really interested in you will want to share what is going on with him, and want to hear all about what is going on with you.

4. He does not make plans with you, he just calls at the last minute. If the only time he seems to call you is after he has done something else and no one is around he is not that interested in you. When a guy calls you drunk and wants to come over, this is not a sign he is interested, it is a sign he is not. Who are all these people he can spend time with and drink? Why weren’t you invited? If he was that interested in you, you would be.

5. His friends and Family are people you have never met. He also doesn’t show any interest in meeting yours either. This is a sure sign he is not that interested in you.
A guy that is interested in you talks about you to his friends and family and wants you to meet them.He is also anxious to meet the important people in your life. If you don’t get to meet his friends and family, and he doesn’t want to meet yours, he is not that interested in you.

6. He never takes you out in public. You don’t date, he just comes to your house. Committed couples already in relationships spend time at home. If you are not the only person he is seeing and have no commitment, then he is not that interested in you. He is interested in crashing at your place and having sex.

7. He doesn’t want to talk about his feelings and seems uncomfortable when you talk about yours. If he is that interested in you, he would be thrilled to hear you express feelings towards you (so long as you aren’t going overboard) and would want to express his feelings to you, even if it is subtly. Some men are not expressive, but they express something if the woman is that important. By actions or words, if he is that interested in you, he will show you.

8. He disappears. He suddenly stops calling. You don’t hear from him through email, text, the phone or in person. Of course you wonder why disappeared? No matter what excuses you make up (or he does) the answer really is that he is not that interested in you. Sometimes men try and tell you they are not interested by actions they don’t take. They feel they told you they were not interested because they showed you they were not. Not all breakups or endings have a “talk” about it. There are men that would simply like to fade away but usually because they are too cowardly to say anything to your face.

9. The friend word. If he refers to you as his friend, then he is not interested in you as his girlfriend. If he says he just wants to be friends, then he is not that interested in you and it is time to cut your losses and move on and find someone who wants you to be his GIRL-friend.!

he is not interested

Signs He is Not That Interested in You

10. He never initiates contact. If you are always calling, texting, or emailing first this is not a good sign that he is interested in you. (Unless of course you don’t give him the opportunity to make contact first). If he never initiates contact that means he has no plans to make plans with you. If he has no plans to see you and spend time with you, he is not that interested in you.

11. Talks about other women and his interest in them. If he talks about how hot other women are or how much he misses his ex he is not that interested in you.

12. He won’t get close to you. If he avoids physical contact, avoids talking to you alone for long periods of time, won’t look you in the eyes and leans away from you he is not that interested in you.

These are some of the many signs that you should look for if you are wondering (or confused) if he is interested in you. One of the biggest signs should be the simple fact that you don’t know he is interested in you. A guy who really is interested in you would make that known to you soon enough. If he has not, he is not. If you have seen enough of these signs, it is time to face facts. He is not that interested in you, and you need to to find him less interesting as well.


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