Signs You Are Being Used

The signs are all there for people to see if they are being used. But don’t people recognize the fact that they are being used? In many cases it is all about denial. They refuse to accept the fact that they are being used and choose to believe the person really cares about them. Even though the person using them does nothing to validate that they care about them, they refuse to believe the truth. Some people hope, that with time, all the things they do for the one using them will somehow count and the one using them will come to their senses and realize how wonderful they are and will give back, not just take advantage.

Well, that rarely, if ever, happens. So what are some signs you are being used?  

Signs You Are Being Used

Signs You Are Being Used

1. When they need you, you are there. You will drop everything, or make sacrifices to be there for them when they need you. The problem is, if you need them, they are nowhere to be found.
2. If they need something, like money, a place to crash, food, whatever, you help them out. You are actually afraid if you don’t help them out they will leave you. They actually get mad at you if you don’t jump at the chance and are thrilled at the opportunity to help them out. They act as if they are entitled to this help, and that you owe them. They never pay you back when they say they will, and don’t feel guilty about the sacrifices you had to make to give them the money or whatever else they asked for. If you ask them for the money they owe you, they get mad. If you ask them to help you out financially, they never do. If, by some miracle they do help you out, they will hound you for repayment. They will also want you to pay them back even if they owe YOU more than you borrowed.
3. You don’t get to meet the important people in their life. Or they are not told who you really are. They call you a “friend”, like you are no big deal. Why don’t they introduce you to important people in their lives? Because you are not an important person to them.
4. They do not want to hear about what is important in your life. They do not want to meet the important people in your life. Why? Because what is important to you is not important to them.
5. You don’t date or do couple like activities. You only see them when they want sex or some other favor.
6. They have other relationships and have offered you no commitment. Yet they do not want you to see anyone else, and you don’t.
7. The make promises to get what they want from you and never deliver.
8. The only time you hear from them is when they want something from you.
9. When you try to call them on it they remind you that you are not in a relationship or threaten to leave the relationship.
10. You KNOW deep down you are being used but ignore it. Instead you pay more attention to your fear of losing them as opposed to why you should get rid of them.
11. They come to you when they are in between relationships, but never give you a chance to have a relationship with them.
12. If you are in a friends with benefits relationship.
13. If the one you love is an emotionally unavailable man.

No one should be used. Everyone deserves more. Find someone who will appreciate you for the wonderful, giving person that you are, instead allowing someone to take advantage of you and use you. It is time you see the signs, and do something about it. Find someone worthy of your love, assistance, and kindness.


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