Sometimes, Part-time and Spare Time Relationships

Does he “sometimes” treat you like a girlfriend? Does he have so little spare time that your relationship feels like it is only part-time, not full-time? Can you count on and rely on him, or is it just the luck of the draw? Are you wasting YOUR time waiting for him to have time for you ?

Your time is just as valuable as his, and if he cannot find the time to give you, why are you settling for crumbs?

Sometimes, Part-time and Spare Time Relationships

Sometimes, Part-time and Spare Time Relationships

When someone wants to spend time with you, they make time for you. If they cannot see you, they email you, text you, or call you. Please stop letting people use the “I am so busy” as an excuse to dismiss and ignore you. Please stop excusing people for having no time for you! Temporarily we may get swamped, it happens to all of us, and when it does you need to be understanding. But you need to understand that temporary is one thing, constantly is another.

But when someone consistently has no time for you, it is time you wake up to the reality that they are choosing not to give you the time you deserve. You can remain in denial that it is really not his choice, but it is. You are both letting the same excuse keep YOU from being treated the way you deserve. If he does not have time for you now, and has not in the past, what on earth makes you think someday he will? Do you think patiently waiting around is giving you some cosmic brownie points and one day all your waiting will pay off? Do you seriously think he will empathize with you? Of course he won’t, otherwise he would so something, anything, to create change.

Do you see and hear from him sometimes, as in “when 
he feels like it?” Do you keep your spare time open for him only to spend most of it without him? Why is it you have so much free time yet he does not? Does he really do that much more than you? He has 24 hours in a day, and so do you. A relationship is not like a book you can put down for a month, and pick up one day where you left off. For a relationship to grow, it takes TIME. So, why are you settling for someone who treats your relationship (and you) with respect sometimes? Why are you anybody’s part-time anything? Why is your relationship (and you) something someone only uses in their spare time?

You should not have one minute to spend on someone who does not see you as worth their time and effort.


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