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Why Are Relationships So Complicated: Part 2

Why Are Relationships So Complicated?

Last week discussed why relationships are so complicated, here is the remainder of that article. If you can’t clear the air or make amends after an argument, the argument never truly ends and you wind up having the same argument constantly and continually. Constantly dredging up past arguments never allows you to clear the air and move…

Is Jealousy Ruining Your Relationship?

jealousy in relationships

It is completely normal to want to strangle the gorgeous sexy woman who is hogging your man’s attention at a party. Can we blame you for marching right over there and putting your arm around him while giving her the “Bitch, don’t even think about it” look. Nah, not really. Can we blame you for…

His Family + His Friends = Your Worst Nightmare!

nightmare his family and friends

What do you do when your relationship seems to be perfect except for the fact that his family and/or his friends make you miserable? Of course you can’t expect to love everyone in his family, he might not if he wasn’t related to them. His friends can often make you feel as though you are…