To See The Future of Your Relationship, Look at the Past

Women seem to hold on to their present relationships because of hopes for the future. They feel if they can get through the storms currently in their relationship, that sunshine and rainbows will be waiting on the other side. The problem is, the future they imagined has a very slim chance of actually coming to fruition. To clearly see the future of your relationship, you must first look at the past. The past is a better indicator of what your relationship will be in the future than just hopes, wishes and daydreams. The future no basis on reality, and the past is reality.
If you have been with a man who doesn’t take you anywhere and your relationship is only a sexual one, don’t think your future has something different in mind. The passage of time does not change things for the better, but our past behavior often sets the patterns of our behavior in the future.
To See The Future of Your Relationship, Look at the Past

To See The Future of Your Relationship, Look at the Past

Take the first few months, which are always the best, out of the equation. Then look at your relationship from up to now. What has he learned? That he fails to call you regularly and get away with it? Has he become accustomed and comfortable with that even though you have not? If he has, there is your future prognosis right there: more of the same, not something different.

Your present and past are building the routines in your relationship that are to become the future dynamics of your relationship. So, if he has not chosen to spend time with you in the past, do not believe that the future will reward you for being patient with him. The only thing the future will bring is what was created in the past.
Women seem to think there is a payoff at the end, what they don’t understand is the past has taught these men how to treat them now, and in the future. The past has taught them what they can get away with, and how much time and loving behavior they need to give. The future is not a blank page as many have come to believe. The storyline has been developed, and so have the main characters. The outline of your relationship together has already been determined in many ways by your past and present relationship.
Instead of looking forward to changes and miracles, look to your past to see a clear picture of what your tomorrow with this man will really be like. Don’t expect something as simple as the passage of time to create a positive future. If he cheats, lies, and treats you bad now and in the past, expect the same in the future. If you are just a booty call, used for sex, or friends with benefits, expect that as your future. If it has been years and you have not gotten a commitment, he will not settle down and sees other women, this is what your future will be with him. If he has been emotionally unavailable up until now, he will be in the future too.
Once you see the reality of what the future holds for your relationship, you have to decide if that is good enough for you. If it has not been good enough for you and has not made you happy in the past or present, what makes you think it will in the future?
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