Commitment: When Will he Commit to Me?

After they start dating someone many women wonder: When will he commit to me? Commitment means different things to different people. For some women, it simply means monogamy and receiving the title of “girlfriend” when talked about or introduced to other people. For other women, commitment means marriage or living together. The question so many ladies have is “WHEN will we be in a committed relationship? They tend to believe at some point they will be in a committed relationship with this person, it is just a matter of time.


Well who ever said you were? Did he ever say that you are working towards that, but he is just not ready now? Is he avoiding the subject of commitment altogether? Have you discussed it with him? Why not? Why play guessing games and roll the dice with your future? Don’t be afraid to speak up, and don’t be afraid to speak up sooner, rather than later. Stop wondering, and talk about it. And please don’t say you are afraid to talk about it, because if you can’t talk to the one you love, then your relationship has more problems than just commitment.


when will he commit commitment

Commitment: When Will He Commit to Me?

Before you begin your commitment discussion with him, think about what you are going to say first, and then find the best way TO say it. The word “commitment” or a discussion about it makes most men squirm to begin with. Why not avoid the word completely?  If you want to be called his girlfriend, ask if he feels the time is right for you both to refer to one another as boyfriend/girlfriend. If you want monogamy in your relationship ask him if he feels you have reached the point where you should both only be dating and sleeping with one another and no one else. If you want to know if he sees a future leading to marriage, ask that.


Quite often women simply ask “When are you going to give me a commitment?“. The guy may be thinking “Is she talking about marriage?” when she is referring to monogamy so it is best to be specific rather than have him guess what you mean when you say that word. In any relationship, good communication skills are critical, and thinking about what to say and how to say it can quite often achieve better results.


If you want commitment, don’t be afraid to talk about it. Don’t just assume you will get it someday, because the person you are currently with may have very different intentions than you think they do.
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