Why Do You Care When He Doesn’t Care?

I was speaking to a woman the other day who was asking a group of ladies about the man she loves. She found out he was cheating with numerous women and lied to her repeatedly. She asked us if we thought he had lied about everything, what we thought about what he had done and why we think he had done it. After going on and on about this, I finally started answering every question she asked with “Who cares?”. It, to me, was the only fitting answer.  Since discovering he cheated, she spoke to two of the women he cheated with and they all told her he said the same things to them that he did to her. So why does it matter, and why should she care anymore?

She knows who he is now. A cheater and a liar. Someone who cheats on you and lies to you all the time cannot possibly love you, respect you or care about your feelings the way you want them to. So why the concern with theirs? Who cares if he ever loved you, because even if he did, his love, like his word, is USELESS. (And obviously not enough to behave himself).


Why Do You Care When He Doesn't Care?

Why Do You Care When He Doesn’t Care?

Who cares who he is with now? He is not with you. He is out of your life, so stop wondering about HIS. Some women think it is good to talk these things out, but truthfully, it isn’t. It is not healthy and it is not empowering. All it does is keep you stuck on a loser that is not worth your time anymore.

So, when you realize he doesn’t care enough about you to treat you right, it is time you stopped caring about him altogether. Yes, it takes time, but it is better to leave all thoughts of him and what he did behind you, because analyzing every detail does you no good, and it truthfully does not matter. Who cares that he told you he loved you and bought you nice things if in the end, if he cheated, lied, and betrayed you? The good does not outweigh the bad, so why go over it? The only thing you should be focusing on is that it is over.


Who cares if he will regret it someday? You shouldn’t.

Who cares if he will try to get you back someday? You shouldn’t.

Who cares if he will ever get his karma? You shouldn’t.

Who cares if he loved you or if anything he said to you was true or not? After what he did, it no longer matters.

When someone proves to you that they don’t care about you, your feelings, the promises they made to you, the relationship you had, or the commitment they made that is the day those things should no longer matter to you either.


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